It's the sign which attracts customers.
(Jean La Fontaine)

The Editions

  • Basic One
  • 0
    A Test Access will be converted to this edition automatically
  • 1 operator maximum

  • Whitelabel version not available
  • No product support
  • Basic functionality
  • For the small home office
  • Basic Edition
  • 10
    per month and operator, VAT included.
  • Unlimited number of operators possible
  • Whitelabel version not available
  • Free product support
  • Basic functionality
  • For small companies
  • Professional Edition
  • 20
    per month and operator, VAT included.
  • Unlimited number of operators possible
  • Whitelabel version (50% surcharge)
  • Free product support
  • Limited functionality
  • For all companies
  • Business Edition
  • 30
    per month and operator, VAT included.
  • Unlimited number of operators possible
  • Whitelabel version (50% surcharge)
  • Free product support
  • Complete functionality
  • For all companies

Pricing FAQs

You can easily order yalst from your Test Access. If you don’t have test access yet, you can use the menu item ”Test Access” above or below to request one. The required data will then be sent to you by email.

A Whitelabel Version is a yalst with neutral appearance. This product variant is a version without any visible notes regarding yalst or Visisoft as the software producer. With a Whitelabel Version you can modify the copyright lines yourself.

There are no feature differences between the Standard Version and the Whitelabel Version.


That might sound somewhat direct but there are three reasons for this. The first is that  we are just like any other business company in depending on the revenue. That allows the further development of the product for the benefit of all our customers. Furthermore the prices of our software are at the low end  of the price range for comparable solutions.


The 1st operator of the yalst Basic Edition in the hosted and download version is completely free. This version cannot be ordered directly, because the test access will  automatically transfer after the testing period to the Basic Edition with only 1 operator. (Terms and Conditions apply, offer and service may be discontinued)


That is not possible because of technical and legal licensing reasons.

From a technical point of view, the visitor monitor will not work correctly when one yalst is integrated across several web sites with different domains. There is no possibility to distinguish  which of the web sites the visitors are actually on. Furthermore, the access statistics will be ambiguous and meaningless.

In addition, for legal licensing reasons the use of one yalst package is only allowed on one web site/domain. For every further web site/domain you will have to purchase another yalst package (quantity discounts are possible!).

With quarterly payments the notice period is 4 weeks to the end of the quarter.

With  advanced annual payments the notice period is 4 weeks to the end of the pre-paid year. With this option you will be charged for ten months per year with 2 months free of charge.

We charge for traffic surcharges for larger sites where there are more than 200,000 page impressions per month, in which yalst is integrated. The surcharge for every extra 100,000 page views is 15.00 EUR incl. VAT. and has to be paid per 50,000 increments. Current real time traffic statistics can be found in the Administration area.

In the “Basic One Edition” there are no additional costs for the monitoring capabilities, but this is only applicable for up to 30,000 page impressions per month. They will deactivate automatically when exceeding the limit until the 1st day of the following month.

If you expect significantly more than 200,000 page impression per month, please contact us regarding a dedicated server solution.

You can pay for your yalst by bank transfer, PayPal (credit card required!) or by SEPA Direct Debit Mandate (EU customers only).

Yes, that is possible.

We also offer a  self-hosted version (“download version“) that can be installed on your server and is completely independent from us.

This self-hosted version is,  in particular, an alternative solution for medium sized and larger companies which, for privacy reasons, have to have all customer data within their own infrastructure or want to use our software autonomously and independently of us.

Your company should have an experienced IT department, since with every change to the server or a move to another server some changes in the server and the yalst configuration is necessary.

For this version we offer appropriate service and maintenance contracts. This will allow safe and efficient use of the software in the future as well as swift support for any questions or problems.

Please contact us for a corresponding individual offer.

The Editions in Detail

Basic OneBasic EditionProfessional EditionBusiness Edition
per month and operator
per month and operator
per month and operator
Number of Operatorsmax. 1unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Version w/o any Visible Notes Regarding
the Software Producer (“Whitelabel Version”)
not availablenot availableavailableavailable
Product Supportnonefreefreefree
Completely web-based Operator Console
Visitor-Initiated Chats
Alerting for Incoming Chats
Simultaneous Chats
Overview over past Chats and Content (“Chat History”)
Custom Design for the Chat Window
Themes for all Visitor Windows
Inactivity Mode for Absentee Operators
Live Visitor Monitor, Recognize Visitors
Analyses and Statistics
Daily and Weekly Statistics via Email
PopUp, Download and Link Monitor
Integration in Emails, Auctions and News Feeds
SSL Support (Chats, Integration, History,…)
Custom Default Replies (“Phrases”)
Internal Operator-to-Operator Chat (“Op.-Chat”)
Individual Settings and Permissions for Operators
Operator-to-Operator Messages
Individual Contact Forms, Contact Form Editor
Desktop Operator Console for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux
Operator-Initiated Chats (“Active Chat Session”)
Auto-Invite Visitors
Custom Pictures for the Invitation Overlay
Visitor Localization
Busy Mode During Active Chat Sessions
File Transfers During Chat Sessions
Open Web Pages on Visitor’s End (“URL Push”)
Observation of Form Input (“Form Monitor”)
E-Mail-, Newsletter- and Advertisement Campaigns
Interface to Newsletter Systems
Monitoring of Events (“Conversion Tracking”)
Marketing Tools (Surveys, Banner Ads, …)
Individual FAQ Area, FAQ Editor
Display and Analysis of Visistor’s Company/Organisation, Industry and URL
Internal Operators for Second-Level Support
Departments, Hidden Departments, Department Phrases
Automatic chat distribution with transfer preference
Queue function for the entire system and departments with transfer preference
Adjustable Service Hours
Live operator monitor to control and support operators
Graphical, individually configurable live cockpit with many KPIs
Registered Users with Password Secured Area
Affiliate Program for Registered Users
Shopping Cart Statistics (Sales Volume, Abandoned Carts, etc.)
Interface for Integrating External Data into the Chat Start Window
Interface for connecting a chat bot system
Our products and services are exclusively intended for commercial customers, public and governmental institutions
and registered associations and organizations.

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