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Can I host yalst on my own server?

We also offer a  self-hosted version (“download version”) that can be installed on your server and is completely independent from us.

This self-hosted version is,  in particular, an alternative solution for medium sized and larger companies which, for privacy reasons, have to have all customer data within their own infrastructure or want to use our software autonomously and independently of us.

Your company should have an experienced IT department, since with every change to the server or a move to another server some changes in the server and the yalst configuration is necessary.

What are the advantages?

Complete independence from a third party

Direct access to the databases

Full control over traffic costs

Maximum configuration options

No third party access to the stored data

Direct access to the log files

Click path data can be stored longer

Reselling of accesses to own customers

Are there any requirements?

Our software has been tested only on Linux®, the most common platform for web servers. Yalst probably runs on other UNIX® platforms and under Windows as well, but we can not guarantee that (product support for Linux installations).

Our software has been only tested with the Apache web server (

It probably runs on other web servers as well, but we can not guarantee that (product support for Apache installations only).

Our software requires a MySQL database. Other databases as MySQL can not be used.

No matter how many licenses/accesses you may use, all information will be stored in only one database.

PHP is required at least version 5.2. The following PHP functions are required:

  • Graphic functions (for PNG output, not necessarily required)
  • MySQL support (usually available)
  • BCMath support (usually available)
  • cURL support
  • Mail sent via the mail() function
  • PHP must be able to read and write files in certain subdirectories

From PHP 5.2.5 and later an appropriate ionCube loader extension must be integratedinto the php.ini file (or copied into the system-wide extension directory). In all previous versions of PHP extension has been loaded automatically by yalst at runtime.

PHP 7 is not yet supported by yalst!

What should I do?

If you are interested in the self-hosted version of yalst we can provide you with our free trial version. Thereby a test of the system requirements, the installation and all live support features is possible.

Please contact us via the contact form or call us to request the trial version and an individual offer.

Together with the offer you will also get the draft of the service and maintenance agreement. This contract  is required when buying the self-hosted version and will allow you a future safe and efficient use of the software and fast support for all your questions or problems.

Our products and services are exclusively intended for commercial customers, public and governmental institutions
and registered associations and organizations.

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