A business absolutely devoted to service will have only
one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.
(Henry Ford)

Live chats are comfortable and an added value for your visitors

The fast and convenient availability of a contact person on your website, via live chat, has become one of the main criteria for a perfect online shopping experience. With live chat customer questions can be answered where they arise – on your website, without the need to call you, to send an email or twitter the question. This is like the “shopping experience” as you would expect it from a good store, with a seller being on hand  for you. With chat invitations, your staff – just as in real life – have the opportunity to respond directly to interested customers.

Customer survey:
Preferred online support channel

(Source: 2013 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full Service Performance Study)

Live Chat (43%)
Email (23%)
Social Media (16%)

Live Support deepens your customer relationships

The immediate and reliable availability of a contact person creates trust. Trust in turn is one of the most important preconditions for returning customers. And in many cases these recurring customers are the ones that generate a large portion of the turnover and recommend your products or services to their friends and colleagues.

Live chats are cost-effective

A live chat agent can – unlike with e-mail or telephone – manage multiple customers at the same time. Combined with the relatively low costs of chat solution software, as well as increasing sales because of successful sales pitches, live chats are, in sum considered a cost-effective support channel. Through the expert advice of your customers being directly involved in the sales process, you also reduce your return rate, as it is much more likely that the purchased products meet the expectations of your buyers.

Chat transcripts improve your customer service

Naturally for each chat conversation a written chat transcript is generated automatically. Their evaluation is enormously helpful in identifying customer problems, the early recognition of negative developments, the improvment of your agents and are extremely useful when creating new predefined phrases for an even faster chat support.

Live chats increase your conversions

A positive shopping experience with live chat support will increase your sales and average order values. With our software you can identify recurring and interested customers and target them individually.

Support channels compared

Inhibitions of calling the provider, media changes requiredMedia change required, waiting times for an answer, the interest can get lost in the meantimeNo media change required, questions are answered quickly when and where they arise
Usually requests can be resolved in one telephone conversationOften further inquiry is needed, resulting in an even longer waiting timeUsually requests can be resolved in one chat
Only one call per operator at a time, the agent is “blocked” by the call
Documents and links cannot be transmittedDocuments and links can be transmitted Documents and links can be transmitted
Conversation logging is problematicConversation logging is possible by email clients or CRM softwareLogging is an integral part of the chat system incl. search, comments, rating and indexing
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