Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.
(Marcus Stanley)


  • User Manual

    The yalst user manual goes into the most important aspects of this software, starting from the various configuration options in the Administration and the Operator-Console to the different integration possibilities in your website.

Features and Changes

  • Full Feature Overview

    In this document we have put together all the features of the yalst-LiveSupportTool.

  • Changelog

    This compilation has been created with our yalst customers in mind and is intended to document the changes that occured between the various version updates. Some of the features are explained in detail on the feature overview page.

API Dokumentation

  • Chat API Documentation

    The chat API (application programming interface) allows you develop a chat client for the visitor’s side of the yalst LiveSupportTool. It provides all the necessary functions to start, carry out and terminate a chat with an operator from any yalst site.

  • Statistic API Documentation

    The Statistics API (application programming interface) allows you to retrieve statistical data regarding your yalst site from the system.

  • Administrator API Documentation

    The Administrator API (application programming interface) allows you to create or edit customers and to create or edit yalst instances. It can be used to automate the creation of yalst customers and packages on your server.

  • XML Chat Export Documentation

    Chat transcripts can be exported automatically as an e-mail or they can be pushed to an server-side script via HTTP or HTTPS for further processing. That’s explained in this documentation in detail.

  • Online Documentation of the Visitor API

    The Visitor API library enables a public application interface (API) for accessing and integrating the visitor-facing side of the yalst live support system in web pages. The Visitor API is not intended for communication between the visitor and the support agent but to provide a program interface for all steps in order to prepare and initiate such communication.

  • Online Documentation of the Theme API for mobile Clients

    External custom JavaScript can be injected into the chat application by use of yalst Themes and will execute in the same context as the application itself. This document describes the programming interface for the chat application aka the Theme API.

  • Online yalst Visitor Integration

    The Visitor Integration library enables the modification of some texts, special design and functionality of the integration of yalst into a website or application. Most of the settings can be done using yalst own HTML generator.

All About Themes

About The Download Version

License Agreement

  • License Agreement (Hosted Version)

    This is the general license agreement for the yalst-LiveSupportTool, if you use the version hosted by Visisoft. These regulate the scope of your rights to use our software.

  • License Agreement (Download Version)

    This is the general license agreement for the yalst-LiveSupportTool, if you host the software yourself. These regulate the scope of your rights to use our software.

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